Growing up in pastoral State College, Pennsylvania, Arielle nurtured an early fascination with the seam between the unadulterated beauty of nature and the elegant art of fine jewelry. She began crafting her jewelry at a young age, captivating the attention of first her family and then the customers of a local clothing boutique. As her technique and esthetic developed, so did her investment in the communities with which she worked. She majored in Applied Economics at the University of Vermont with a focus in Community International Development, and used her education to develop a business plan that included a charitable donation from each piece she sold.

      Arielle executes each piece with the patience and love of a person drawn early to art. Her jewelry exemplifies the elegance, grace and raw beauty of a woman who both grew up surrounded by nature yet appreciates the sophistication of New York City where she currently resides. Her work emphasizes the raw origins of her materials and blends it with the ethereal lines of fine metals. She believes that every individual who wears her jewelry will feel the same expression of joy that she did when she made it. She works closely with her clients to ensure that she delivers the level of quality and style that each person imagines when they consider a fine jewelry purchase.